Escort work isn’t for everyone, but it’s a profession like any other, and that means there are skills and qualities that can make you more suitable for it than other people. So what are these skills and qualities, and are there any practical aspects of escort work that make some people more qualified than others?

One obvious quality you’ll need is complete comfort with your body and sexuality. Escort work isn’t for those who feel they’re losing something by engaging in intercourse, nor for anyone unsure of their own tastes or limits. If you’re the type of person who can regard sex as a good time for two people to enjoy, you’ll be suited to escort work, where everyone should be enjoying themselves but the fee is the real motivation to meet with this particular person at this particular time.

Experience is useful because it will help you define your own limits. Many clients have only a vague idea of the service they’re receiving, and they’re likely to want to explore their options – options that can only be defined by what you’re comfortable with and how well you can describe and stick to it.

Because of this, confidence and backbone are vital qualities. Clients need their escort to set the tone – what’s appropriate, what isn’t, and how things are going to go. When a client pushes their luck, a good escort is able to make their limits and preferences clear. Similarly, when a client crosses those limits, a good escort is still able to manage the situation. In extreme situations, escorts may need to leave clients early or adjust the terms of a visit, perhaps restricting the services on offer. Escorts, therefore, need to be able to make themselves clear, need to be able to stand up for themselves with firm personal rules, but also need to be able to speak persuasively and manage a situation so that potential arguments never come to pass.

A degree of entrepreneurial spirit is also an asset for escorts, who tend to be responsible for securing their own work. A successful escort will be listed with multiple agencies and have one eye on how they market her services. Leaving it to other people isn’t an option for freelance workers who want to make more than a basic living.

Finally, there’s the practical work of escorting. Most of escorting is arranged online, so a successful escort needs reliable internet access and constant access to a phone. Arranging meet-ups can necessitate both travel and last-minute changes, so you need to be the kind of person who checks and rechecks plans, just in case they’ve changed. Finally, travel is a must. Some agencies will help you reach jobs, but to make the maximum amount of money, you can’t depend on anyone else, so you’ll need either your own transport or the ability to rely on the public transport in your area to get anywhere in both your county and surrounding ones. Of course, location is part of arranging a meeting with a client, but the more limited your travel, the more limited your options.